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PDO Pesto Genovese is our specialty, made only with PDO basil from Genoa, our pesto is fresh and 100% natural and it has a shelf life of 18 months. This is a contributing factor to why our pesto has been the best seller product for 35 years and sold in over 26 countries worldwide. Over the years we have created a White, Red and Black version of this product: we drew inspiration from our family's recipes, using only the best seasonal products available. The love of experimenting with different flavours led us to create a Pesto made with Rocket from Piana di Albenga and another made from Red and Yellow Peppers blended with Ricotta cheese. This resulted in a successful product that also inspired the other Delicate Pestos.

italian pesto with genovese basil PDO
genoese basil to prepare italian pesto sauce

Our Pestos

We produce different kinds of Italian pesto:

  • Pesto alla genovese: made according to the traditional cold-preparation recipe, with fresh Genovese DPO basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts and parmesan
  • Red pesto: zesty recipe where sun-dried tomatoes are added to the traditional pesto with a pinch of hot pepper
  • White pesto: old family recipe in which minced artichoke hearts are added to the pesto
  • Black pesto: from grandmothers recipe book, and original mixture of pesto and black olives
  • Pesto alla rucola: fresh rocket from the plains of Albenga in extra virgin olive oil
  • Pesto ai peperoni: clourful and flavourful alternative made with red and yellow bell peppers and ricotta cheese)
  • Delicate sun-dried tomatoes & ricotta pesto: a well-balanced mix between the Mediterranean flavour of sun-dried tomatoes and the sweetness of ricotta cheese
  • Delicate black olive & ricotta pesto: ricotta cheese melted on warm pasta, giving the black olives a surprising delicacy
italian black pesto with basil and olives
italian pepperoni and ricotta pesto and white pesto with arthichokes
italian red pesto and delicate pesto
pasta with italian pesto genovese PDO
italian pesto with fresh rocket

Pesto with genovese basil PDO



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