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Sun-dried tomatoes, Taggiasche olives, capers, anchovies and aubergines, are only a few of the ingredients that embody all Mediterranean scents and flavours we use to prepare our specialties. You can spread the paste on warm bread as bruschetta or they are a delicious accompaniment to grilled meat, a fish dish or also a fantastic way to season pasta or risotto.

italian Black olives cream to spread
italian capers and olives cream paste

Our Spreads:

Our products:

  • Salsa saracena: ancient recipe of sun-dried tomatoes and aromatic herbs
  • Bruschetta con olive taggiasche: roughly chopped sundried tomatoes and Taggiasca olives
  • Tomatoacciuga: traditional mince of sun-dried tomatoes and anchovies
  • Crema di porcini: selected porcini mushrooms and extra virgin olive oil
  • Crema di melanzane: delicate aubergine caviar in extra virgin olive oil
  • Crema di basilico Genovese DOP: aromatic and flavourful kitchen "helper"
  • Black olives spread Ligurian style
  • Green olives spread Ligurian style
  • Acciugoliva: typical cream of black olives and anchovies preserved in oil
  • Capperoliva: caper tapenade, mixed with green olives
italian aubergine cream paste
bruschetta with olive taggiasche paste



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