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Extra virgin olive oil. Our family has been producing olive oil for 5 generations, in Aurigo, a small village located in Alta Valle Impero. After a century of hard work the ancient mill has been put to rest and now stands next to his modern successor as a reminder of our family's success over the generations. Our modern mill works continuously from November to March, crushing the Taggiasche olives from our agricultural estate, which mostly produce delicate organic extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil produced in Aurigo is then transported to the modern bottling system in Pontedassio, where it is stored in stainless steel tanks until it is finally bottled.

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Our range of olive oil includes:

  • Apricus: Selection of "gold card" Taggiasca olives: sweet and delicate, are particularly appropriate for more refined dishes.
  • Fruttoro: Selection of "silver card" Taggiasca olives: with a delicate fruity flavour and aroma, makes this oil perfect for spicier dishes.
  • Leggerolio: 100% italian Selection: results in a superb organoleptic equilibrium that allows the true flavour of foods to display their distinctiveness.
  • Biologico 100% italian: produced with the pressing of 100% organic olives. Bioagricert Certified
  • Biologico 100% Monocultivar taggiasca: a special selection of organic Taggiasca olives, delicate and certified



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